Unknown Facts to Know About Episode- Mobile Game!

Facts You Should Know About Episode Choose Your Story Game

When it comes to playing the best story or choice game ever, players must think about Episode game once.

The episode is one of the famous story-based games where users need to customize their Avatar to play in different stories.

Hundreds of chapters/stories are added in the game from which you can choose your favorite one. Make sure that you are above 13 to play different kinds of stories without learning harmful content.

Some age restrictions are available in the game to make it safer as compared to other games. According to age groups or requirements, chapters are available in which you need to make choices for exploring endless entertainment.

One can easily play the game on Android as well as iOS devices for free besides can reduce daily life stress.

There are different facts available in Episode game that you need to know while playing the game.

Simple controls

No hard controls or functions are added for offering more fun to users. Every player in the game can simply understand basics, controls, features and exciting gameplay.

It allows them to clear fundamental doubts about the game also make a good story like no one another can.

Customize your character

After completing some tasks in the game, users are able to customize their Avatar/character. They can easily make their characters smart by purchasing fashionable items such as clothes, shoes, and more.

With the help of in-game currencies, you can purchase items for characters and can make them look good.

Don’t forget the character you choose will play your role in every story, so try to make it look handsome or beautiful.

Different stories

As we discuss hundreds of stories and chapters are added in-game, players can unlock their favorite story to make it more beautiful.

According to choices, either you can create the entire story good or bad. It is suggested that all users to relax their mind while making any choice as one single wrong answer may receive bad story modes.

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Try to avoid adult stories if you are underage because it’s not right as per your age.

Importance of in-game currencies

Every game includes some currencies from which necessary tasks can perform as well as different game items can be purchased.

Episode game consists of two kinds of currencies which have its own advantages. Gems and passes play the role of currencies.

Don’t neglect any currency as it offers more benefits. Gems are useful for succeeding in the game besides from which different characters items can be purchased. You can even use some legit episode free gems hack to earn them instantly.

Whereas, on the other hand; passes are considered as other main currency of the game from which different favorite sorties/chapters can be unlocked. Know how to get passes instantly in the game.

All users must use all currencies wisely as it’s not an easy task to earn it. They need to use all currencies at necessary functions, which help to progress in the game as well as enjoy every moment.

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