Month: August 2018

How to land perfectly in the Fortnite

fortnite landing tips

Fortnite is a wonderful game and it is getting into the air present. It is almost being mentioned in every chat room online. Everyone wants to know about v bucks generator. Earning them is the most crucial method and all the players are trying hard to earn it. To Know more about fortnite controls you can head over to they have a great resource on this topic.

The game of Fortnite is very exciting and entertaining. The storyline and gaming concepts are so nice that you can easily spend hours playing this game without any hassle.

How to Land at a perfect place in Fortnite

Landing in the right place can be the game-changing factors. In the starting, you may be falling on the dangerous structures and this can reduce your medical points in many folds.

We are going to mention about some great points that you can take into your consideration at the time of landing. By doing this you will be able to get the right point.

Choose the right location

Right location becomes very important when you are landing. You should choose the location perfectly.

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Give preference to a location where nothing seems to be odd for you. Make sure that you will not be getting injured at the time of landing.

Things to do while jumping

You should also dive bomb on the area where you are going to jump off. Make sure you are doing this at the low altitude safely. Now you should glide to location. You should not make any decision in the haste and here try to judge the location well when you are thinking to jump off.

Choose the right weapon

The next thing is choosing the right weapons. For this, you will need the free V bucks as well. They are very limited and thus you should choose the first weapon carefully. You should also keep searching that how to get free v bucks to full fill your desires in the Fortnite game.