Month: June 2017

Mobile Strike Hack Tool For Leveling Up In Game

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Bad Things About Mobile Strike

The world is full of games. Some people love to play daily life games like base ball, soccer and much more but some people feel lazy playing these types of game so they love playing games on smartphones.  There are lots of games on play store but some are creepy as hell. Mobile Strike is one out of these. This game is all about strategy and its commercial ad is cast on Arnold Schwarzenegger but still, Arnold Cannot pump it up this game due to its bad gaming experience. This game is free to play but you will never play any game if you start your gaming experience with this game. As you know a coin has two sides. This is same with games. Mobile strike is may be good but this game has some least bad sides. These are not the only issue of bugs; some are about its design.

Reasons Of Bad Image of This Game

  • This game allows users to link their facebook account with it and get the gold bonus from gold mine but with most of the users, this doesn’t work. They said after linking their FB account, this app automatically start sharing updates on their facebook pages for downloading this game. Some complained that this game is full of bugs because this doesn’t provide bonus on referring it to their friends.
  • The hard part of this game is to collect gold. Only a few ways are available which provide gold. Looking deep into this issue, you will find only gold mine is the way of getting gold. All the other ways give very low gold.
  • Mobile strike is made as a Massive Multiplayer Online game. You start this game with filling its empty space. Build iron mine, hospitals, banks, farms and many more resources. You may get to know about some issues while playing this but if you pay attention then you will know these are not working well.
  • This game has a sight called Shooting range. This thing is designed to ruin your hope for getting gold. You will be having lots of good luck with you if collected some gold from this. The chances of getting gold from this 1%.

Gold is the main currency of this game. You will be looted while getting gold. This game mostly asks for purchasing in-app product which is too much costly. Well, if you have thousands of dollars to spend on this game then download this game otherwise this game will force to purchase in-app things but you can try mobile strike hack tool. You may be thinking what this is. This is a tool which allows you to buy in-app product without even purchasing them. There are many sites which provide these types of tools but they can be unsafe because your private data can be cloned while using these tools. Must use trusted websites.  These websites are hard to find but not impossible. Best suggestion for you is not paying on In-App purchase items.